Phoebe Harris

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Phoebe Harris | b.1989 | Portland, ME

Can an appreciation for the world outside of ourselves bring us closer to finding meaning? What can a flower tell us about our own brief and transient lives? Are we paying attention? Are we living mindfully, or are we consumed and motivated by fear? How can we harness strength, hope, and gratitude in an age of violence and consumption?

While her work has taken many forms, Phoebe’s creative efforts are often focused on investigating these kinds of questions through avenues of painting and book work. Born and raised on the coast of Maine, Phoebe is deeply motivated by the natural world and the reflection it provides.

Her visual narratives aim to connect viewers through ideas of shared experience and emotion, and the ideologies that make us human. Spirituality, the natural world, empathy, fear and wonder are recurring concepts embodied in Phoebe’s work.